Past Institutes

Institute Number and Year


  • R. D. Witherup, P.S.S.: Peddling St. Paul and Theological Insights from the Apostles Letters
  • C. R. Koester: Challenge, Promise, and Hope in the Book of Revelation
  • W. Hart McNichols: Biblical Figures in Iconography


  • R. Rolheiser, O.M.I.: Biblical Spirituality and the Present Moment
  • F. Just, S.J.: The Gospel of John: History, Theology, and Translation Issues
  • T. Linafelt: Reading Biblical Poetry


  • B. Green, O.P.: Engaging Job: Questios, Assumtions, Assertions, Insights
  • M. Faggioli: From Dei Verbum to Pope Francis: Scripture, Traditon and Magisterium in the Fifty Years since Vatican II
  • M. Peppard: The Bible in Early Christian Art and Ritual


  • S. Heschel: Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: The Life and Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel
  • D. Senior, CP: The Gospel of Matthew: At The Crossroads of Early Christianity
  • A. C. Mitchell: “Twice Blest:”The Quality of Mercy in the Biblical Tradition


  • J. Baden: King David: The Making of A Legend
  • L. T. Johnson: The Letter of James
  • J. R. Donahue, S.J. :“The Good News Must First Be Proclaimed” (Mark 13:10): The Enduring Challenge of the Gospel of Mark


  • J. Endres, S.J.: The Psalms in the Life of the Church
  • C. Moss: Death and Afterlife in the New Testament
  • A. C. Mitchell: The Church of the Poor in the Acts of the Apostles


  • B. E. Reid, OP: Fifty Years of Feminist Biblical Interpretation
  • J. R. Donahue, S.J.: The Might From Their Thrones: Social Justice in the Gospel of Luke
  • A. C. Mitchell: Community and Fellowship in Pauline Churches


  • J.E. Cook, SC: The Book of Genesis
  • B. Fiore, S.J.: The Pastoral Epistles
  • A. C. Mitchell: History and Theology in the Gospel of Mark


  • M. Smith: God and The Bible
  • T .D. Stegman, S.J.: The Pastoral Theology of the Corinthain Correspondence
  • A. C. Mitchell: The Word of God Revealed: The Gospel of John


  • P. L. Heck: Does the Qu'ran Belong in the Bible?
  • F. J. Matera: The Truth of the Gospel and the Power of the Spirit: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians
  • A. C. Mitchell: “The Events that Have Been Fulfilled Among Us”:The Gospel According to Saint Luke


  • D. J. Harrington, S.J.: Paul's Use of the Old Testament
  • J. R. Donahue, S.J.: The Letter to the Romans "The Power of God For Salvation to Everyone" (Rom 1:16)
  • A. C. Mitchell: Paul Among the Gentiles


  • J.T. Walsh : Reading Biblical Narrative
  • A. J. Levine.: Jesus and Second Temple Judaism
  • A. C. Mitchell: "Truly This Man Was God's Son"- The Gospel According to Mark


  • L. Boadt, C.S.P.: The Book of Ezekiel and The Man Ezekiel
  • M. Y. MacDonald: Family, and Society: Perspectives from Colossians and Ephesians
  • A. C. Mitchell: “We Have Such A High Priest": Hebrews


  • L. J. Hoppe, O.F.M.: The Biblical Story of israel in Its land: A Tragic Story
  • B. Bowe, R.S.C.J.: Befriending the Johannine Epistles
  • A. C. Mitchell: Looking for The Messiah: Matthew's Gospel


  • C. J. Dempsey, O.P.: Jeremiah: Preacher of Grace, Poet of Truth
  • H.-J. Klauck, O.F.M.: Physician, Painter, Artist, Historian: Luke and His Gospel
  • A. C. Mitchell: A life Worthy of God: 1 and 2 Thessalonians


  • J. Kselmann, S.S.: Genesis:1-11, Narrative As Parable
  • J. M. Bassler: Interpreting the Book of Revelation
  • A. C. Mitchell: The Acts of the Apostles


  • J. Donahue: Mark: The Mysterious Gospel Revisited
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians
  • A. C. Mitchell: Spiritual Direction in Pauline Churches


  • H. P. Nasuti: Psalms: Poetry, Prayer, and Scripture
  • F. J. Moloney: The Fourth Gospel: A Summons To Belief Without Seeing
  • A. C. Mitchell: The Letter to the Colossians: Post-Pauline Matters


  • C. A. Franke: Deutero-Isaiah
  • M. M. Mitchell: Conflict and Conciliation in 2 Corinthians
  • A. C. Mitchell: Community and Friendship Among New Testament Christians


  • R. Clifford: Daniel and Revelation: End of the World or New Beginning
  • B. Roberts Gaventa: Biblical Portraits of Mary: A Disciple for the Whole Church
  • J. Donahue: Matthew's Beatitudes: Challenges to the Churches in a New Millennium


  • D. Harrington: Themes from the Book of Sirach
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Acts of the Apostles
  • J. Donahue: Letter to the Ephesians


  • K. Doob Sakenfeld: Old Testament Stories of Wives: A Re-Reading
  • J. Murphy-O'Connor: St. Paul: A Life-Long Learner
  • J. Donahue: "They Were All Amazed": The Gospel Miracle Stories


  • G. Hens-Piazza: Prophets, Foundation for Ministry
  • F. Segovia: Gospel of John
  • J. Donahue: Resurrection: Narrative Setting and Contemporary Proclamation


  • P. Miller: Interpreting the Psalms
  • A. Mitchell: The Letter to the Hebrews
  • J. Donahue: Gospel of Matthew


  • D. Bergant: Old Testament Wisdom: The Perennial Search
  • J. Murphy-O'Connor: Events in the Life of Jesus
  • J. Donahue: The Letter to the Romans


  • K. O'Connor: The Book of Job: "With My Own Eyes"
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • J. Donahue: Gospel of Mark


  • L. Boadt: Isaiah of Jerusalem (Isaiah 1-39)
  • J. Bassler: The Pastoral Letters
  • J. Donahue: The (Very) New Quest for the Historical Jesus


  • W. Brueggemann: The Pentateuch
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: The New Testament Eucharistic Texts
  • J. Donahue: Gospel of Luke


  • J. Collins: Amos
  • A. Y. Collins: Revelation
  • J. Donahue: Office and Ministry in the New Testament Churches


  • W. Harrelson: Jeremiah
  • C. Osiek: The Pauline Churches as Cross-Cultural Experiment
  • J. Donahue: The Sermon on the Mount in the Context of Matthew's Theology


  • R. Burns: Exodus
  • V. Furnish: 1 Corinthians
  • J. Donahue: The Gospel Parables


  • R. Murphy: Second Isaiah
  • R. Brown: Gospel of John
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Letter to the Galatians


  • R. Clifford: Psalms
  • Paul Achtemeier: Acts of the Apostles
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: The Pastoral Epistles


  • A. DiLella: Sirach
  • D. Harrington; Pauline Ecclesiology
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Lucan Themes


  • J. Kselman: The Joseph Story
  • J. Meier: Gospel of Matthew
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Colossians and Ephesians


  • B. S. Childs: Numbers
  • J. Donahue: Gospel of Mark
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Letter to the Romans


  • R. Murphy: Qoheleth and Canticles
  • R. Brown: Passion Narratives
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: 2 Corinthians


  • J. Walsh: Ezekiel
  • P. Perkins: Johannine Epistles
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: NT Christology


  • J. Collins: Daniel
  • G. MacRae: Gospel of John
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Revelation


  • K. Doob Sakenfeld: Exodus
  • D. Harrington: Gospel of Luke
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: 1 Corinthians


  • F. Moriarty: Genesis 1-11
  • C. Carlston: Gospel of Matthew
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Miracle Stories


  • R. Clifford: Wisdom Literature
  • J. Donahue: Resurrection Narratives
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Hebrews


  • E. Maly: Isaiah
  • P. Achtemeier: Gospel of Mark
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Pauline Ethics


  • R. A. F. MacKenzie: Book of Job
  • D. Harrington; Intertestamental Literature
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Sermon on the Mount


  • B.S. Childs: 1 Samuel-1Kings
  • G. MacRae: Acts of the Apostles
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Hermeneutics


  • R. Murphy: Prophets(Amos, Hosea, Jeremiah, Dt-Isaiah
  • J. Donahue: Gospel Parables
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Pauline Theology


  • N. Lohfink: Psalms
  • M. Bourke: Gospel of John
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Infancy Narratives


  • A. Suelzer: Exodus
  • R. Brown: What Can We Know About Jesus?
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Speeches in Acts


  • R. Murphy: Wisdom of Israel
  • P. Schuyler Brown: Resurrection of Jesus
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Dead Sea Scrolls


  • J. Bright: Jeremiah
  • J. Murphy-O'Connor: Colossians
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Gospel Parables


  • J. Alonso-Schoekel: Exodus (OT Theology of Redemption)
  • D. Stanley: Gospel of Matthew
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Letter to the Romans


  • R. Murphy: Psalms
  • E. Mally: Gospel of Mark
  • G. MacRae: 1 and 2 Corinthians


  • J. L. McKenzie: Isaiah
  • D. Stanley: Acts of the Apostles
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Gospel of Luke


  • W. Moran: Deuteronomic History
  • R. Brown: John the Theologian
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Revelation


  • D. McCarthy: Pentateuch
  • M. Bourke: Pauline Themes
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Acts of the Apostles


  • R. Murphy: Old Testament
  • R. Brown: Gospels Today
  • J. A. Fitzmyer: Gospel of Matthew